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Do You Need a New Boiler?

It’s inevitable: At some point, you’ll need to consider having a new boiler installed. Often, old boilers become less efficient, costly to run and expensive to repair, eventually, you may be worried about being able to get spare parts when you need it the most.

When it’s your time to have a new boiler installed, we’re here to help. We offer friendly, free and impartial advice on a whole range of products available on the market today. We’ll explain how simple to use, yet innovative technology can reduce your energy consumption, increase comfort and improve overall control of your heating system.

There are also other important elements to consider whilst replacing a boiler, such as ensuring the heating system is clean and that the boiler is protected against contaminants to ensure long lasting reliability. We will provide you with all the information required so that you can to make an informed decision on a solution that suits you.

Gas Condensing Boilers Explained

Condensing technology offers a high level of efficiency by utilising not only the heat generated by initial combustion, but also additional latent heat from the water vapour which would otherwise be lost through the exhaust flue gases. New condensing boilers are able to extract almost all of this extra energy by cooling the flue gases before they escape through the chimney. As a result of this process, water vapour in the flue gases is deliberately condensed to capture the additional heat.

Our gas condensing boilers achieves a standard seasonal efficiency of up to 98 % under the correct specific conditions, looking after both your wallet and the environment.

Therefore it is very important that these specific conditions are met for as much of the operating time as possible in order to maximise the efficiency gains. This requires the knowledge and some thought in to the heating system design in order for this to be successfully achieved without disrupting the effectiveness of the heating and hot water system.

Why Choose Us to Install your New Boiler ?

Energy Savings

All our systems are expertly optimised for maximum operating efficiency.

Long Warranties

Our new boilers include up to 10 years’ manufacturers’ parts and labour warranty.

Friendly & Helpful

Our initial consultation, advice, and itemised quotation is completely free of charge.

Premium Quality

We only provide the highest standards of workmanship and the best quality products.

2 Years BoilerCare

Every boiler installation includes 2-years BoilerCare for complete peace of mind.

Realistically Priced

A complete boiler replacement and control package starts from just £1650.00

Things to Consider

System & Performance

If you have multiple bathrooms or you are hoping to run more than one hot tap at once then you may need a system boiler with hot water storage cylinder. On contrast; if are you looking for a compact solution due to limited space then a combination boiler may be best suited. There are a lot of options.

Water Quality

Poor water quality is the biggest single contributor to boiler repairs and failure. New boilers need to be installed onto clean heating systems in the same way as you wouldn’t buy a new car and fill it with old oil.  System filters also provide ongoing protection from dirt that may cause future issues.

Heating Controls

Having a new boiler installed is great, but ensuring it operates as efficiently as possible is even more important. Choose the best control system to suit your lifestyle but also maximise the condensing efficiency and minimise wasting energy.

Your Budget

We offer a wide range of boilers which we have chosen for their reliability and potential for increased efficiency. A typical comprehensive boiler replacement including system flush and filter, modulating controls and high-quality installation range from £1600 -£3000 +