Intergas Boilers

Intergas boilers have been at the forefront of domestic boiler manufacture in the Netherlands for over 40 years; its roots, however, go back to 1939, when it was involved in domestic products of quite a different kind. Then the company was known as Machinefabriek van de Wetering and it specialised in manufacturing wooden washtubs and laundry wringers. With the discovery of natural gas in the Northern part of the Netherlands, the company moved to Coevorden in 1961 and, in the mid-sixties, produced its first heating products. In 1989 Intergas launched its first condensing boiler in the Netherlands. This was the first country to take the energy efficiency credentials of boilers seriously and this propelled Intergas into pole position, becoming the leading brand in condensing boiler technology.


The invention of the two-in-one Double High Efficiency heat exchanger in 1996 revolutionised boiler technology. Now, for the first time, a combination high efficiency boiler, with significantly fewer components than any other product on the market, was available. Its innovative design eliminated the need for a secondary domestic hot water plate heat exchanger, diverter valve and auto-air vent, all significant sources of possible future component failure.s.

The flexibility of an Intergas boiler has another major advantage. It is possible to install the hot water system first and connect the central heating system later, keeping the inconvenience of a boiler change to the absolute minimum. And, due to the unique design of the Intergas heat exchanger, the homeowner will still have hot water even if the pump fails.

In 2016, the Intergas HRE Combi Compact won Product of the Year at the prestigious H&V News industry awards!

It’s also been nominated for the same award in 2017 !

For more information on the Intergas boiler range, please visit the Intergas website

The Benefits of Intergas Boilers

Innovative Heat Exchanger

Made in Holland, the 2 in 1 heat exchanger is completely unique to Intergas boilers.

Only 4 Moving Parts

and 12 components, reliability is increased and they are less susceptible to dirt related issues

5 Boilers in 1

Very flexible design enables the boiler to be used in any situation, including gravity fed systems.

Long Warranties

Manufacturers parts and labour warranties of up to 10 years available

No Plastic

Any issues we find will be brought to your attention, before they escalate into a serious faults.

Modulating Controls

Intergas boilers are Opentherm compatible and weather compensated, meaning further savings are achievable.

Why Choose Us to Install your Intergas Boiler?

Free Quotation and Survey

Firstly, we’ll make sure an Intergas boiler suits your needs and advise you on the type of work required, completely free of charge. We’ll then send you an itemised quotation for your consideration describing what we propose and the costs involved. You are then free to add or remove any optional items to suit you.

Intergas Platinum Installers

As an Intergas Platinum P5 installer, we can offer you extended warranties for no additional cost. We’ve also been fully trained on the range products and have an excellent understanding of how to install them for maximum energy efficiency.

High Quality Installation

Our ethos is to do a job once and do it right. We only install Intergas boilers to the highest standards to ensure trouble free operation for years to come. All our recommendations are designed to benefit you and your new Intergas boiler.

Annual Boiler Servicing

Once you’ve had an Intergas boiler installed, we’ll be able to keep it serviced annually to the manufacturers’ requirements. This ensures your warranty remains valid and keeps it operating at maximum efficiency.