Gas Boiler Servicing in Plymouth

Boiler manufacturers recommend that all boilers are serviced at least annually to ensure trouble free operation. Regular inspection can prevent small defects turning into big problems, which could become a costly repair if left unattended.

Routine maintenance to your boiler or heating system is vital for reliable, problem free running and optimum efficiency over its lifetime. Heating appliances are subject to the usual wear and tear items that everything else in life is, but serious faults can become dangerous if not identified and resolved quickly.

What Does an Annual Boiler Service Involve?

  • Visual Inspection

    On arrival, the boiler and installation are visually checked for any apparent problems which could affect safe operation. This includes ensuring that the installation is safe and complies with the current regulation.

  • Cleaning Components

    The internal components of the boiler are cleaned. The burner is stripped and cleaned if it is required. Some manufacturers state that this should be carried out periodically and seals replaced.

  • Gas Pipework Test

    We test the pipework within the entire property for leaks. After this we test that the pipework is correctly sized for the appliance and that it is delivering the right amount of gas to the appliance.

  • Expansion Vessel Recharge

    During testing, we check for any signs that the expansion vessel needs recharging, such as the pressure rising when in use. If this is found, we will carry out a recharge as part of the service.

  • Combustion Analysis

    The boiler is operated and the combustion products are analyzed to confirm that the boiler is burning correctly and efficiently. We can also make minor adjustments to improve operating efficiency.

  • Record

    On completion, we record our findings and if any problems are found, we will notify you of them and the best course of action. The results of all the tests are kept on record and you will receive paperwork for your records.

Why Choose us for Boiler Servicing?


Our boiler servicing procedure exceeds the standard industry working practices.

Warranty Safe

Our boiler servicing follows boiler manufacturers requirements so your warranty will remain valid.

Optimised Efficiency

We’ll fine tune the boiler to ensure it’s operating as efficiently as possible.

Gas Safe Registered

As you’d expect from a professional company. Our Credentials can be checked by clicking here

Keep on Top

Any issues we find will be brought to your attention, before they escalate into a serious faults.

Good Value

Our comprehensive gas boiler servicing starts from £47.50 + VAT (£57.00 incl.)

Try Us for Hassle Free Boiler Servicing

1 Hour Appointment Slots

We’ll give you a one hour window of arrival time to save you waiting around for us all day. We try to work around your commitments and on request, we can also offer a Saturday morning service at no additional cost, subject to availability.

Text Notification

We’ll ask for your mobile number so we can send a you an SMS to let you know when the engineer is leaving his previous job, and how long it will take them to arrive at your property.

Customer Record

We record all our findings onto our database for future reference. If you need a copy of anything, all you need to do is ask.

Annual Reminder

A few weeks before your next annual boiler service is due, we’ll send you an automatic reminder to ensure it’s not forgotten.