What is Power Flushing?

Powerflushing is a method used to remove harmful sludge and dirt deposits from within a heating system, which can build up in radiators and pipework over time or through unacceptable water quality on installation.

Using a specialist power flush machine, a mixture of natural cleaning chemicals and water is pumped through the heating system at a high velocity but low pressure, to avoid damaging existing fittings or components.

The dirty water is then flushed away to a suitable drain and replaced with clean water. On completion, we carry out a series of water samples to test the water quality and prevent any problems recurring.

The Process

  • Initial Inspection

    Firstly we will try to determine if power flushing is the right solution for the problems you are experiencing. Often, powerflushing is wrongly sold or poor results are achieved due to system faults or constraints.

  • Water Testing

    We test the water before carrying out a power flush to try and identify the cause of the fault. If required, we can advise on any changes to the system to prevent the problem reoccurring. We can also determine whether we need to use aggressive chemicals.

  • Flushing Rig Setup

    We will connect the power flushing rig onto a suitable part of the system for best results. We try to keep the machine outside and will protect walk through areas with dustsheets or protective film.

  • Powerflushing

    Once the system has been refilled we flush each radiator or circuit individually to ensure they are clean. We test the water before moving on to the next circuit. This can take anywhere from 5-30+ minutes per circuit to achieve the correct results.

  • Analysis

    Once all circuits have been thoroughly cleansed we test and adjust the water to ensure it is within the correct parameters for the system you have, ensuring long lasting results.

  • Report

    On completion we will issue a report explaining what was completed and the results of the water quality analysis. You can keep this for your records.

The Benefits of Powerflushing

Reduce Breakdowns

Dirt or sludge in your heating system is the single most common cause of boiler failure and repairs.

Increase Efficiency

Dirt in your heating system can reduce overall efficiency by up to 16%

Quicker Warm Up

Clean radiators will give off more heat, more quickly than partially blocked, or dirty radiators.

Flow Reversal

Changing the flow direction helps remove stubborn dirt that would otherwise remain.

Effective Results

Powerflushing cleans the entire system, including radiators, pipework and the boiler.

Prolongs System Life

Clean systems last longer which saves the expense of repairing or replacement.

Why Choose Us to powerflush your heating system?

Magnetic Filtration

We us inline magnetic filters to catch ferrous particles during the process. This speeds up the time taken to carry out a flush and ensures the best results possible.

Thermal Imaging

Where required we use thermal imaging to visually inspect systems for faults or to confirm that the problems have been resolved.

Water Quality Test

On completion we carry out a water quality test and issue a certificate for your records.