What are Smart Heating Controls?

Heating controls have historically been the ability for you to be able to adjust or program your heating and hot water schedules on and off.

More recently, smart heating controls have allowed a much higher degree of user control, such as Internet accessible control, which enables users to change schedules using a mobile device or smartphone from anywhere in the world, intelligent controls, where the control itself is capable of learning your patterns and behaviors and adjust the schedules automatically.

Compensated heating controls have been around for many years but sadly often overlooked during specification. These controls adjust the temperature output of your heat source to increase efficiency and prevent overheating of rooms. Weather compensation reacts to outdoor temperatures, and room temperature influence can increase or decrease the rate in which a property is heated, depending on the current demands.

Why Choose Us to Install your Smart Heating Control?

We’ve invested the time to learn and develop good professional relationships with many leading smart heating control manufacturers; such as the Honeywell Evohome, Nest Learning Thermostat, the Tado system and many more manufacturer specific controls. As part of our continuing efforts to offer the latest technology, we are at the forefront of digital heating control protocols, including OpenTherm, an industry recognised boiler control communication system.

By having an understanding of the full range of heating control strategies available today, we can suggest a system that will be of most suitable to your specific requirements and ensure it is installed and used correctly for maximum benefit.